BoBfest - The Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers
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Changes for BoBfest 2019

Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions from last year! We listened, and have put together some changes for this year:

This year, Grouchos Deli of Hickory will again provide lunch opportunities at BoBfest.We are not sure if they will do lunch pre-orders or set up a sandwich service at lunch in the Special Events Room in the Planetarium/Aquarium building. Watch this space for the latest updates.

We will have THREE afternoon talk sessions of 45 minutes each. There will be five available talks each hour at 1, 2, and 3 p.m.

  We have BoBfest T-shirts available to order NOW! Order now, pay and pickup at BoBfest Feb 2.

When you check in at BoBfest, this year you will receive a booklet with all needed information, instead of a packet of paperwork.

The afternoon sessions will be designated as Beginner, General, or Advanced, but you are free to attend any sessions!

We are encouaging and inviting more small vendors to the Marketplace.

Frank Westmoreland Astronomical Simulations will end at 3:00 p.m.

Solar Observing outdoors will begin at Lunch this year instead of all morning

Introducing the "Golden Dumbbell" Award competition for Astronomical and Scientific Baloney as presented in the media!

TENTATIVE!!! Be a part of the Hickory Community Telescope Project! You can help us grind a telescope mirror DURING BoBfest!