BoBfest - The Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers

Saturday, January 25, 2020
West Wing of Catawba Science Center,
Hickory, North Carolina
Only 71 Days Until BoBfest 2020

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Presentations, Table Top Forums, and Speakers

Saturday Morning Keynote Presentations

9:45am - Main Event Room
The 72 Inch Leviathan of Parsonstown Telescope
Presented by Gayle Riggsbee

Information to Come
Gayle is a member of the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club and is well known to the local astronomy community

Saturday Afternoon Table Top Talk Forums

1:00pm - Room 4
Calendars, Time, and Astronomy
Presented by Joe Heafner

1:00pm - Room 5
Lunar Astrophotography
Presented by Barre Spencer

1:00pm - Room 6
Astronomy for Everyone Outreach at Lake James State Park
Presented by Nora Coffey

2:00pm - Room 3
Beginner - Star Charts and Binoculars for Astronomy
Presented by Joe Heafner

2:00pm - Room 4
Presented by Matt Harbinson

2:00pm - Room 5
Beginner - Astronomy Outreach
Presented by Corrie Ann Delgado

2:00pm - Room 6
General - Meteorite Identification and Classification
Presented by Anthony Love

3:00pm - Room 4
Advanced - Building Astrophotography Gear
Presented by Alan Mason

3:00pm - Room 6
The Choate 3000 (or 4000) Observing List
Presented by Sam Choate

3:00pm - Rooms 5
Beginner - The NASA Night Sky Network Kits
Presented by Stormy Borman