BoBfest 2018 - The Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers

Speakers and Forum Leaders

Morning Presentation - Johnny Horne; Astrophotographer and Astronomy Journalist
Morning Presentation - Charlie Warren: Managing Editor at Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Afternoon Presentation - Mark Marquette: Author, photographer, astronomer and keen observer of the universe.
Forum topics and speakers are tentative
Afternoon Forum - Jim Craig: Asteroid / Solar System Mission
Afternoon Forum - Karen Murphy: Astrophotography
Afternoon Forum - Stormy Borman: How To Get Started In Astronomy
Afternoon Forum - Tom English: Gender Diversity in Astronomy and Physics
Afternoon Forum - Ronnie Sherrill - Comets
Afternoon Forum - Joe Heafner: Fronties in Space_Science and Astronomy

More to come!

Background Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and S. Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team - Recolored by Jeff Whisenant / CVAC