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Corresponding with catawbasky.org:

The use of e-mail links found on our web pages is the recommended way to send messages to catawbasky.org. You must have a valid working e-mail address to send messages from our web pages.

Messages sent to any address @catawbasky.org may be routed to more than one recipient within the club to ensure that someone will see and respond to your message.

The e-mail addresses @catawbasky.org are NOT the primary e-mail address for any club member or officer and are subject to reassignment at any time.

If you send e-mail to catawbasky.org by means other than our web page links (that is, using conventional e-mail tools) please make sure the subject line contains relevant information about why you are writing. Please note that:
If you message looks like spam, it will be treated like spam. Don't make your message look like spam!
Messages with blank subject lines will be automatically rejected.
Messages with gibberish, weird characters or foreign language in the subject line will be automatically rejected.
Messages with our usernames, initials, or e-mail addresses in the subject line will be automatically rejected.
Don't make your message look like an advertisement for a product or service.
We know your message is important, but if the only thing on the subject line is the word "Important", the message will be automatically rejected.
Messages with multiple layers of attachments will be automatically rejected. If you are a web-TV user who must send things this way, please send us a plain message with no attachments first to let us know what you need to send.
Do not forward anything that is not astronomy related to any catawbasky.org e-mail address.
Any kind of virus announcement - real or otherwise - will be automatically deleted. Thanks, but our virus scanner stays current with all the latest profiles.

Please send us a plain text message requesting permission before sending photos as attachments. Large unexpected photos can shut down our system. You may be directed to send photos to a different e-mail address.

Do not send the following to any e-mail address found on our web pages:
Jokes, cartoons, "You gotta see this" links, "optical illusions" links, or "stare at this picture" links
Political ads, we cannot support any candidate, cause, or lobby
Chain letters (anything with instructions that it be forwarded)
Urban legends, hoaxes, conspiracy theory, UFO's, horoscopes, or creationist propaganda (unless you want them to go on Jeff's Bad Astronomy Page!)
Anything unsolicited that was forwarded to you (usually with multiple layers of attachments)
Any attachment without getting permission from us first
Messages telling us your team is going to beat Maiden. We really don't care who wins, the sports people down here don't know we exist anyway.

Threats, threatening language, and attempted hacks to the website will be taken seriously and reported to the authorities. Comments, criticism, and dialog about the items presented on the WebPages is welcome as long as it stays on an intelligent level. Please do not tell us we are all going to hell because we do science and astronomy.

Do not include any catawbasky.org mailing address in materials that you forward to others.

Do not add any catawbasky.org e-mail address to any website without our permission. We will mail you an encoded version of our e-mail address that will be ignored by the spambots

You may add a link to www.catawbasky.org to you WebPages only with our permission.

We will be glad to add you links to our web pages if they are relevant to astronomy.

About The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club and Lucile Miller Observatory websites and pages at www.catawbasky.org

The webmaster of all pages at www.catawbasky.org is Jeff Whisenant. Please contact him with all your concerns about the website or e-mail.

Our websites do not put cookies on your computer. If you find cookies on your computer that point to our websites, please let us know.

We do not secretly gather ANY information about who visits our website. There is a visitor's counter that tracks visits to our main page. Our web host tracks what kind of computer systems access our websites but this information is hard to access and is of no real value to us. Somewhere, there is surely somebody tracking the traffic to our - and every other - website (your homeland security tax dollars at work!) We do not have access to that information and have no plans to get it.

Our web pages contain some small pieces of JavaScript code to handle images, searches, and updates. They do not gather information from users. You should enable your browser to use JAVA in order to take full advantage of our website features.

Visits and inquiries to the website or e-mail do not automatically add your name to our, or any other mailing list. If you want to join our mailing list, please use the opt-in links on the main CVAC and LMO pages.

Our web pages do contain links to other websites not associated with catawbasky.org. We include these links because we feel those websites provide information useful to astronomers. Other websites may contain advertisements, pop up windows, webbots, or interactive media. Other websites may put cookies on you computer. Some such websites are strictly commercial in nature and may charge a fee for certain services, access, or subscriptions. Inclusion of non-catawbsky.org links on our WebPages does NOT constitute an endorsement of the sponsors or content of those links.

We work hard to make sure our web pages do not contain any objectionable material.

If you find our websites blocked by some kind of filter, please let us know.

We do not consider the legitimate astronomical phrase "naked eye" objectionable. If you set your filters to block this phrase, you really need to loosen up!

Please let us know of any links that do not work or go to an objectionable site (this happens when a legitimate web address loses its registration and the address is picked up by an objectionable site.)

About The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club

The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club (CVAC) is a Non-profit scientific and educational organization.

We are funded by dues from our members and by the generous donations and memorial gifts from individuals.

We do not support any political candidate, issue, or lobby.

The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club supports in principal the efforts of the International Dark Sky Organization, The Planetary Society, The Catawba Science Center, other regional non-profit astronomy clubs, societies, and organizations, BoBfest, Bays Mountain Starfest, and Tri-Star.

The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club members provide volunteer assistance at The Catawba Science Center and the Millholland Planetarium.

The mailing address for CVAC is The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club, 1141 Fairview Street, Claremont, NC 28610

About The Lucile Miller Observatory

The Lucile Miller Observatory (LMO) is part of the Catawba County School System and is located on the campus of Maiden Middle School (the old High School) in Maiden North Carolina.

From the fiscal and legal standpoints, it is a completely separate entity from The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club (CVAC).

CVAC provides volunteers, time, and effort to provide the programs and maintain the equipment and facilities at LMO.

LMO receives no program funding from the school system.

The school system pays the light and water bill and mows the grass.

There is no paid staff at LMO and our volunteers from CVAC receive no financial compensation.

Funding for the upkeep and improvement of LMO comes from the generous donations of individuals.

Donations made directly to the Lucile Miller Observatory through the school system become property of the Catawba County School System and are not likely to be available for use by the observatory, in spite of your wishes or instructions!

Donations for upkeep to the observatory should be made to The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club LMO Fund.

Donations to the observatory will be maintained by CVAC exclusively for the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of the program at the Lucile Miller Observatory.

Please contact the CVAC for information about donating to the Lucile Miller Observatory.

The mailing address for the Lucile Miller Observatory is Lucile Miller Observatory, 1141 Fairview Street, Claremont, NC 28610

There is no telephone at Lucile Miller Observatory.

About Links to Catawba Valley Astronomy Club Members Personal Web Pages, Favorite Pages, and Blogs

CVAC members may provide links to their own webpages or favorite web pages or blogs. The content of all such websites and blogs is beyond the control of CVAC. We include them as a service to our club members.

The views expressed on member links and blogs are exclusively those of the author and of the individuals linked to that page.

Members personal webpages, recommended pages, and blogs do not reflect the view or position of The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club, the Lucile Miller Observatory, or the Catawba County School System.

Comments about Members personal webpages, recommended pages, and blogs should be sent to the author via the links provided on that page.

About Our Presence on Facebook and Twitter

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