Important Information About CVAC Visits to Offsite Locations
Please Read Carefully!

The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club and the Lucile Miller Observatory is unable to schedule astronomy programs, group observing sessions, or other activities outside of a 25 mile drive from the Miller Observatory in Maiden.

Our astronomy programs are presented by a few CVAC members who volunteer their time and gasoline to present astronomy programs at no charge. Their limited availability and fuel prices have necessitated the following conditons for offsite astronomy presentations:

1. We will continue to serve ONLY the following areas with offsite astronomy program visits:

2. All visits require a two week notice. Thursdays and Saturdays are not available.

3. We are not available on days where an astronomy program is already scheduled

4. We cannot schedule visits before 12:00 noon.

5. Our volunteers are unable to spend an entire day for a program at any location during the week.

6. We request that you schedule at least an hour and a half for our presentations.

We deeply regret that we are no longer able to do offsite astronomy programs for the following locations: