Weather Links

Sky Conditions at your location in the morning are NOT AN ACCURATE INDICATOR of possible observing conditions for the upcoming evening. Check several of these links before cancelling. Images and Links for Charlotte, NC

AccuWeather Maiden Forecast     AccuWeather National Radar

WBTV     WSOC     NEWS 14 Charlotte     The Weather Channel for Maiden

Intellicast National Weather Satellite     Intellicast High Resolution National Weather Radar

Weather Underground Maiden - Lucile Miller Observatory
Weather Underground Doughton Park - Sparta, NC
Weather Underground Mt. Mitchell Overlook - Burnsville, NC

The Astronomers Weather Lament

Clear sky in the morning, astronomers take warning
Clear sky at night, only when the moon is bright
Clouds at night when there is no moon in sight
Why can't Larry Sprinkle get this stuff right?
To heck with him AND his weather satellite!

"Astronomers will drive hundreds of miles just to look at clouds!"

The late CVAC member Jimmy Tillman